INDEVCO Companies in Egypt Contribute to ‘Tahya Misr’ Fund to Support Underprivileged Families during COVID-19

INDEVCO supports ‘Tahya Misr’ Fund, a donation-based national fund, to help Egyptian families in need during difficult times.

Amid the COVID19 pandemic, INDEVCO contributes to the ‘Tahya Misr’ Fund in Egypt on behalf of member companies UNIPAKNILE, Interstate Paper Industries, Sanita Consumer Products, and Sanita Nile for Import and Trading. The national fund has launched efforts to support people affected by COVID19, as well as implements national development programs covering social support, urban development, healthcare, economic empowerment, education, and disaster and crisis in Egypt.

Fouad Khalil, UNIPAKNILE Vice President, shares,

“Based on our national duty, our love for Egypt and its authentic people, and our will to activate support between Lebanese and Egyptian people in these difficult days, we, on behalf of INDEVCO, are honored to make a contribution to the great ‘Tahya Misr’ Foundation, by participating in the tremendous effort made to help those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic”.

Staying true to its founding philosophy, ‘What is good for the community is good for the company. What is good for the company we will strive to do excellently and in a way that enriches the lives of our people (employees)’, INDEVCO works to support the local communities in which it operates, especially in times of need. In light of the current and recent crises faced in Egypt, INDEVCO’s management is working hard to preserve the rights, wellbeing, and safety of its 2000 employees in Egypt.


As a diversified manufacturing group, INDEVCO produces corrugated, paper, and plastic raw materials and packaging, jumbo tissue rolls, consumer and away-from-home disposables, renewable energy solutions, converting machinery, and CNC machined parts. With sustainable development as a major driver, INDEVCO is dedicated to integrating environmental sustainability in operations, from raw material and energy efficiency to waste management and emission reduction.

The group also heavily engages communities and launches social initiatives to address key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Headquartered in Ajaltoun, Lebanon, INDEVCO employs over 10,100 people in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the US in 39 manufacturing plants and 40 commercial companies.